Should more people consider buying tiny homes?


Should more people consider buying tiny homes?

My definitive answer is YES!

I recently came across an article in Forbes magazine, listing several reasons why you should not buy a tiny home.  The main reason being that this is just a fad.  I totally disagree.  They are not giving people enough credit.  More and more, people are becoming critically aware of the impact their decisions have on the environment.  I also believe people are sick of living paycheck to paycheck and not really living their life.

Many people compare tiny homes to recreational vehicles.  They can be on wheels and can utilize RV appliances but I would stop there with the comparisons.  Tiny homes are so much more than a home on wheels.  It is your home.  People are also building them on actual foundations.  It is a total lifestyle change but a conscience one.  Will everyone be selling their mega-mansions and buy tiny? No.  But not everyone wants mega-mansions.  The reason this is not a fad is that fads are cyclical.  They come and go.  Tiny homes will not follow this path.  It may take a little longer for more people to give tiny living a try but with all that is happening with global warming, environmental concerns, work/life balance and financial insecurities, people are re-evaluating what is important and what is best for them and their future generations.

How many people will buy tiny homes?  This all depends on what they want the tiny house for.  They are great for primary housing, in-law homes, rental income, or starter housing for your young adults.  These can all be on your property.  With minimalism coming to the forefront, and the true understanding that less stuff equals more life, more buyers are starting to downsize.



Then comes the question, if you want to sell, is the market big enough to afford you to sell your tiny home.  Tiny living is just coming into its own.  I believe this is a non-issue.  As more people learn about tiny homes and tiny living, it will just open the marketplace and the buyers will be there.

Where will I put all my stuff? After seeing this as a reason not to buy tiny, I realized that the author did not understand the concept of tiny living.  The reason going tiny appeals to so many is that it allows people to get rid of all the stuff weighing them down financially and space wise.  More people are placing real value on the quality of their life not the quantity of things in it.

What are you wanting out of life?  What are you missing?  What is important to you?  Whether large or tiny, when shopping for a house, these questions apply.  The difference in size is where you place the value in the people and things in your life.

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