New Year, New Opportunities


Wow!  We are already halfway through January 2018.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe it.  Next year I will be a half a century old.  This is not possible since I feel like I am still in my twenties!  That is scary!  What have I done with my life?  What do I want for my future?  Do you feel like that?

In 2017, I took a leap of faith and quit my 9-5 job and am trying to grow not one, but two businesses.  See, I am slightly obsessed with tiny homes and minimalism and want to inspire and educate people how to live a more minimalistic life, so they have the freedom to enjoy their life.

The average home is 2,687 square feet.  As each year passes, the houses get bigger and our natural resources are depleted.  Unfortunately, so are bank accounts.  People are working so much to afford their big houses, and all of this stuff that they think will make them happy that they don’t have time to enjoy any of it.

Unfortunately, not many people can just quit their jobs, jump in a THOW (tiny home on wheels) and explore the country.  But, you can afford to down-size, reduce your “stuff” and experience more.  This is the start of a brand, new year!  The perfect time to re-evaluate what is important, what you want to do differently and make those New Year’s resolutions.

So how do you get off the hamster wheel?  Where do you begin?  The best place to start is taking stock of what it is you want out of life and what your priorities are.  Make a New Year’s resolution to clean out your closets, cabinets and drawers.  Start by removing the clutter from your life and donate to those in need or sell things to make extra money to take that vacation you have always wanted.

It is amazing how little you can live with.  You may not be ready to go tiny or have the desire to go so small but if you want to fill your life with more memories than stuff, I want to help.  Check out my website here, and join the email list to follow this blog and receive tips and tricks for living a Sustainably Minimal lifestyle.

‘Til next time!


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