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I moved into my building over a year ago, and I am right in the heart of the city.  I love Uptown and all of the old buildings and homes.  Our city is exploding and has been for several years so we need to make room for the influx of people moving in.  Unfortunately, this means a lot of buildings and homes have been torn down to make room for high-rise apartments and condominiums.  My building is no exception.  There were several homes on the property that had to be torn down to make room.  But one home made the cut.  It sits on the street corner with my building wrapped around on two sides.



I have always loved walking by and enjoying its beauty.  The doors, windows, welcoming front porch.  The kind woman would always say hello when my dog and I would walk by.  Last week was no different.  We were walking by and she came out to say hello.  For whatever reason, I stopped and walked up to her to have a more lengthy conversation.  I explained to her that I am a residential drafter/designer and just love her home.  We officially introduced ourselves and she invited myself and Henry in.  She welcomed me to take a look around and see every room while she explained the labor of love that her and her late husband poured into the house to remove all the paint from the gorgeous woodwork and trim.



As we moved throughout the house, she explained that she owned the two empty lots across the street and the home there, plus another one up on the corner.  I was in awe and a bit envious.  Her family bought these properties many years ago and the return on investment is well over one million dollars.  She also said her parents had owned a home where my building now stands.  I stated that she was sitting on a gold mine.  She quickly corrected me and said no, she is sitting on a green mine.  She will not sell any of the homes or lots so that she can preserve the area and our green space.  To say I was amazed is an understatement.



She went on to say she belongs to the historic preservation society of our neighborhood of which she is very proud and passionate about.  She said her house now has historic distinction and that the society owns a home around the corner that they use for events.  I asked her if they have a website or Facebook page.  She quickly said NO, we don’t want anyone to know about us.  Hahahaha, such a little gem that is a secret society.  I love it!!



I have been wanting to get involved with my city and neighborhood.  I want to really become a part of it and be able to give back.  I think I have found my place.  Now if I can just figure out the secret handshake, I am in!!  I think it is so important to preserve some of these beautiful buildings and homes, to keep their integrity, and remind us of our history.  I am so happy I have met Jenny, and proud to call her my friend.  Keep up the good work Jenny!!

Although my company does handle new construction, I love working with my clients that are doing renovations and additions.  I help them keep the integrity of the existing home they love but help enhance it to make it a space that works for their current needs.

How do you feel about preserving our older buildings and homes?  Do you prefer to make way for the new?  Send us a message or comment below and let us know!


‘Til next time!


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