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Hey all,

I am blessed to be working from home, but it has been a challenge.  Trying to carve out a place to work.  Organizing the space to be the most efficient yet creative space to help inspire me to get the job done.  In today’s society, so many people are able to work from home now.  It made me wonder, how many others have encountered the same problem.

Not everyone has the space to have a designated office.  So many people have multi-purpose rooms, trying to fit all they need into the homes they have.  There are many options if you are using a spare room for an office.  With Murphy Beds, and sleep sofas taking care of the sleeping part, what are the best options for the office side.  Many people set up a desk in the room, while others utilize the space in a closet.  Organization is the key to making everything fit together.

Where do you start?  The trick is to think vertically.  There are so many options at The Container Store.  The Urbio Magnetic Modular System, is a great use of vertical space.

(picture from The Container Store website)

This allows for a more narrow desk, that will work in the room or in a closet space.  Open shelving is also another vertical space saver that keeps things lighter and more airy as opposed to upper cabinets.

I am also loving these Bisley 2- & 3-Drawer Locking Filing Cabinets.  There are so many color options that will make any room pop!

(picture from The Container Store website)

When planning your home office, you need to think functionality but remember to have fun with it.  There are no rules.  What will inspire you?  You will be spending a lot of time there.  Make it a place that you can enjoy and get your work done in.

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