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Creating Multi-Generational Spaces

Happy Friday!!

With today’s home changing and we are now looking at taking care of our parents, where do we find the space?  There are so many things to think about.  Do you have the space available?  Where can you make room that does not have your parents navigating stairs?  How can you make this transition work for all family members.

I recently had a couple contact me with that same question.  Their mom was living with them and they gave up the master for her, since it was on the first floor.  They are now on the 2nd floor in one of the bedrooms which shares a bathroom with their daughter and a guest room.

Unfortunately, the closet was a little less than be desired.  It was more of a make-shift closet tucked in a nook of a small hall that leads to an attic space.

What I love is how this couple was thinking outside of the box and long term.  They wanted to use the attic space attached to the bedroom, but they also wanted to design it so that when it was time for them to move back downstairs, they could turn the one master bath into two individual bathrooms.  This way, all three bedrooms upstairs, will have its own bath.

It is important to look at all the spaces in your house and find out what isn’t being utilized to its fullest and how it can better serve you.  Many people run into budget constraints and are not sure how to make things work economically.  With this job, it was important to use the space available and not have to make structural changes to the roof.

We were able to come up with a design that works for the homeowners currently, and will work for the homeowners in the future.  When they move downstairs we can extend the wall out from the shower and make two separate bathrooms.  The daughter will then have her own private bath that can be accessed by adding a door from her closet.


We all want to have our space and we each have our own idea of what that is.  When we buy a house, it really can be our forever home.  It is important to realize, we will change, our needs will change, and our house can change.  Whether it be re-purposing a room, or redesigning a space, our house can work for us at any stage.

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