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Is there a certain type of tiny home owner?


Is there a certain type of tiny home owner?

Do you have an idea of what tiny living is all about?  Do you have any preconceived notions on what type of person decides to live tiny?  When I first saw a tiny home, I fell in love.  I mean seriously, they are so cool.  I thought they were such a great idea.  No mortgage, ability to be debt-free and free to travel.

When I really started looking at them, I loved how they were really helping people reduce their carbon footprint on the earth.  I saw the benefits of living off-grid with solar power, propane gas, and the use of rain catchment systems.  We have depleted so much of our natural resources that we can’t get back.  It seemed like the perfect answer.


Tiny homes are more than just a fad.  So many people are looking at going tiny.  It isn’t just one generation either.  Millennials don’t want to work the 9-5 grind.  Baby Boomers want to retire and still be able to afford to live and enjoy life.  Gen Xer’s are looking at their future and not wanting keep living to work but want the freedom to do more with their lives.

More tiny builders are popping up and many people are building their own tiny homes.  When having a builder build your home, the price is more expensive.  They use more traditional building products and there is the labor cost involved.  When people build their own tinies, they tend to use scrap materials, repurpose materials, and salvage items.  Is one better than the other?  If you spend over $20,000 are you missing the point of going tiny?

I follow many tiny communities on Facebook and it is amazing how many tiny home snobs are out there.  They put down the people spending $80,000 on a tiny home, stating that they are missing the point of going tiny.  Is that really true?  What if they had spent 400K or more on their traditional home and they decided to downsize.  I don’t think that the price tag should include or exclude someone into the “tiny home club”.  There are many reasons to go tiny and everyone has their own reason for doing so.  Isn’t the fact that they are all reducing their carbon footprint and living more sustainably the best reason of all.


On the flip side, many tiny homes are being touted as the answer for housing our homeless population across the country.  Again, there are people for and against this.  It gets the homeless off the street into safe, warm housing where they can feel better about themselves.  Depending on where these homes are proposed to be built, homeowners are concerned about their property values decreasing.  If we keep an open mind, can’t we make it work for everyone?

            I would love to see a community that is a cross between a traditional community and a resort RV park.  One where there is a community pool, putting greens, bocce and cornhole lanes.  Having a community center where the homeowners can get together and socialize.  Today, people are so caught up in work and obligations, they don’t take the time to really enjoy their lives.  Life is short and we need to get out there and enjoy it before it’s too late.  With a community like this, people don’t have to leave their community to have fun.  They can choose to participate or just stay home for a quiet evening.

This is the best part of tiny homes.  You can live on several acres of land, live in a community, or live on wheels and travel the country.  We need to push for regulation of tiny homes and legalize these options.  So much can be gained from this and let people get back to living their lives, making memories and remembering what is really important.

So, what are your thoughts?  Have I changed your thinking at all?  Let me know what you like or don’t like about tiny living.  Do you have any ideas to help the tiny home community?  Leave a comment!  I would love to hear from you!!


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