The Company

The Chipman Group began as a residential design firm and has grown to include interior design. This came about with a desire to inspire my friends and family to live their best life starting at home. But what does that look like? When you start really thinking about that through honest introspection, you can begin to know what is important to you, your life and your home. They all work together.  If one is off it throws everything off. My hope is to help you identify this and help you make your home reflect who you really are.

The Woman

I’m Brenda and I am an entrepreneur, a residential and interior designer, blogger and soon to be podcaster. I also own Designing Home and Life – an online design store for home furnishings.  I live in Orange County and work throughout Southern California.  My hope is to be able to help people around the world live their best life by starting at home.  By creating a home that makes you want to be the best you. Let’s work together to make your home the best it can be through love and design!!